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According to contemporary scientific notions, any substance has an electromagnetic nature. In turn, the structural crystal lattice body of any substance represents a certain ordered periodic field structure. This thought was expressed for the first time by the Austrian physicist, and one of the founders of quantum physics, Nobel laureate Erwin Schrödinger: “I am inclined to regard the entire structure of a  crystal lattice as something very akin to de Broglie’s standing wave. This lattice can be treated in a similar way”. Any ordered material structure creates a periodic field (superposition) with an electromagnetic nature and is supported by that same field. Each directive change of the structurally-subordinated parameters of this field causes similar corrections in the characteristics of the material structure generating it.

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All sorts of forms and methods for the study of any physical process that, as a rule, give ambiguous results are only different directions of testing and awareness of the same information structure. In understanding of the fundamental laws of existence and development of the Nature (totality of the outside world), there is always and everywhere a certain subjectivity, primarily related to the fact, what methodology and technology were the basis of the algorithm of review and analysis of a particular process, or of a theoretical concept creation base. It is obvious that any technological method projects itself in the form of the final result, and final models will inevitably contain a "trace" of the algorithm underlying their formation.

General relativity theory has discovered a direct connection of the physical laws of the Universe with the geometry of space, where local changes in its structural composition become a cause of a well-defined physical interaction in the macrocosm. Contradictions arose when trying to create a universal theory that describes all fundamental interactions and is fair for macro- and micro-world, have led to development of the "string theory", which operates by geometric objects of extremely complex shapes. As a consequence, a purely geometric mathematical approaches allowed to obtain new descriptions of known physical phenomena. Multidimensional spaces of nontrivial topology, allowing to describe both behavior of macrosystems within the quantum gravity theory, and features of gauge fields in the standard model of microworld become ordinary. Where such a connection of the space form and the laws of physics appears from? This paper proposes a model to explain the reasons for such dependence.

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