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The subject of Resonance Biocorrection (RBC) guidelines is the essence of the method, possibility of and requirements to RBC. Worked out RBC solutions can be used in hospital, out-patient conditions and at home under a doctor’s supervision as a monotherapy or as a component of complex therapy. An extensive clinical appraisal of the method has proved that this method is most promising when common treatment methods fail or there is intolerance to medications. The guidelines are meant for physical therapists, reflexologists and other competent doctors and for a wide range of users.


Resonance Biocorrection (RBC) method consists in restoration of the body functions under the influence of electromagnetic radiation with strictly defined parameters. One could make a comparison to such a device as a tuning  fork, producing a certain frequency spectrum of a sound-wave.  The idea of RBC using weak electromagnetic fluctuations inherent to the patient, was first raised and scientifically justified by F. Morelli (1977). When a person is healthy and all physiological functions of the most important systems of the organism are normal, a relative synchronization of different vibrational (wave) processes is maintained, whereas pathological states are characterized by disruption of oscillatory harmony. This can be expressed as a rhythm disturbance of the main physiological processes, for example, due to a sudden prevalence  of excitation or inhibition in the central nervous system and alteration of cortical-subcortical interactions. Therefore, resonance interactions and the degree of synchronization of the functioning systems of the organism are given such an important role nowadays.

Resonance Biocorrection (RBC) is an action of own and any external (man-made and biogenic) electromagnetic oscillations (EMO), converted into a coherent form by the universal Fourier filter. At that, body structures begin to resonate with transformed own or external EMO (I F.B.) Influence is possible both on the cell, membrane level and at the level of an organ, system of organs and the whole organism.  The fundamental idea of resonance application in medicine is that it is possible to enhance normal (physiological) and to reduce pathological oscillations in the human organism subject to correct selection of a frequency and a form of a therapeutic influence. Thus, bio-resonance can be turned at neutralization of pathological oscillations and restoration of physiological oscillations, affected upon pathological processes.

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Examples of field distribution that manages correction

Formula of the method

Any matter is known to have an electromagnetic nature. Any regular interconnections system generates its own electromagnetic superposition and is maintained thereby. The most efficient method of human functional state correction is his or her own coherently transformed electromagnetic radiation (see for more details). RBC (Resonance Bio-correction) is an influence with low-intensity endogeneous and exogeneous electromagnetic oscillations, strictly coordinated by form, frequency, amplitude, phase and radiation pattern thereof, causing a resonance in the organism. Novelty of this method is the application of parameters of electromagnetic influence resonant with the organism condition.  During Resonance Bio-Correction a recipient is introduced with a space-time amplitude-frequency coordination, evolving within 42 days. Curative effect is based on suppression of pathological frequency spectrum, enhancement of physiological ones, and maintenance of the relative synchronization of different wave processes, comprising biological homeostasis of the organism.

The suggested method is essentially different from the most widely-spread physical therapy methods:

  1. RBC method may differ in the extent of information effect, depending both on the filter’s topological pattern density, its scale, and volume. Independently on the above listed parameters, selection of a frequency mode or a curative signal shape is not required, as it is done automatically owing to the universal character of the topological patterns.
  2. RBC’s fundamental difference is that adjustment of instruments is not required, which is explained by the own EMOs changes in time. Harmonizing transformations occur almost instantaneously and cover quite a wide range of frequency parameters, i.e. they are not aimed just at one organ or system, but cover almost all systems of an organism. Therefore, a high level of personalism and therapy complexity is attained.
  3. No absolute contraindications are typical of RBC method.

In line with this, three main types of Resonance BioCorrection should be distinguished at present:

  • contact influence by means of technical carriers of fractal-matrix topology, .i.e. various types of flat spatial-temporal coherent transformers and 3D products with ring diffraction grid (RDG), resulting in coherent transformation of the patient’s own radiation.
  • contactless influence of an operator, being a carrier of the universal control field, resulting in transformation of the patient’s own radiation into a coherent form.
  • combination of the above listed methods.

The developed and tested by the authors RBC versions can be applied both in case of functional disorders of different genesis, and when curing a wide range of pathologies in hospitals, out-patient facilities, and at home under a doctor’s supervision. RBC method can be used as monotherapy, as a component of complex therapy, or as a preventive and protective measure. It is desirable to realize all versions of RBC subject to preliminary examination of a patient by commonly accepted modern methods aimed at adequate selection of RBC type and topology carriers, initiating RBC process.

Brief description of contact Resonance BioCorrection method.

Following the preliminary examination aimed at revealing the functional base of available pathologies, the carries of fractal-matrix topology are selected for a patient and an individual pattern of application thereof (on biologically active zones and points, and also on the projections of internal organs) is made. Recommendations on a therapy duration are given.  The effect of contact RBC is less pronounced compared to the one of contactless RBC, as 3D influence on the organism is impossible, hence, the own electromagnetic radiation of a man can not be matched by all parameters.

Brief description of contactless Resonance BioCorrection method realized by an operator.

There is a visual contact between a MVP (meditative and virtual programming) operator and a recipient.  The recipient is offered to close his/her eyes to eliminate influence of external irritants and achieve maximum and fast relaxation. RBC is realized by stages.

1st stage – the operator, on entering an altered state of consciousness (ASC), is tuned in to the recipient, initiating origination of the transfer. The first stage of correction, suppression of systemless activity of any kind that usually does not exceed 5 minutes, is realized upon reaching the maximum contact.

2nd stage (about 5 min.) – a maximum possible deepening of a program-correcting pulse, initiated by the operator, into the structural form aimed at resonance fixing the program of frequency-amplitude and phase matching of electromagnetic oscillations of the recipient’s organism and initiating the counter resonance U-turn.

3rd stage (about 5 min.) – meditative and virtual controlled U-turn of the counter-exchange resonance program between the coherently transformed (by the operator) own electromagnetic radiation of the recipient and his/her biological structure is realized.

To follow with an adjustment period.

The described stages of correction can be realized in a single influence (ideally, instantaneously or within15 minutes) and distributed in time. Combination of the three stages in a single influence (session) is more efficient, especially in case of chronic pathologies, then a 24 hour pause is needed for the organism to adjust. The session should be repeated , if necessary.

Contactless RBC method means entering and fixing the spatial-temporal amplitude-frequency matching program that keeps evolving within 42 days, resulting in coherent transformation of the recipient’s biological cells own radiation. Due to automatically originating counter resonance between the structural frames of the operator’s and recipient’s hypercluster biological systems, efficiency of the contactless RBC is considerably higher than that of the contact one.

Indications for use

Owing to versatility of the approach to treatment and prevention of various diseases and its maximum personalization relative to each specific patient, the circle of pathologies that can be treated with the aid of RBC is quite wide:

  • Functional disorders of various genesis;
  • Conditions of the central nervous system and sense organs;
  • Conditions of the vegetative nervous system;
  • Conditions of the endocrine system;
  • Pain syndromes of various localization and genesis;
  • Conditions of the circulation system;
  • Conditions of the breathing organs;
  • Conditions of the digestive tract;
  • Conditions of skin and hypoderm;
  • Conditions of the urinary and genital organs;
  • Conditions of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Traumatic injuries of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Badly healing wounds and ulcers
  • Etc.

Resonance BioCorrection can be combined with other methods of treatment, namely, medication therapy, taking biologically active additives, and physiatrics.

Patients with chronic diseases should keep taking the prescribed medicines. In future, when the organism’s functional state improves, it is possible to reduce a medication doze or remove it completely under the mandatory doctor’s supervision.

Contra indications for use

For the moment absolute contra indications for RBC have not been revealed. Relative contra indications are the patient’s indequate evaluation of his/her state (mental diseases) and  hindered contact with the patient.