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As of today, there are many different technologies of corrective influence on human organisms. Some of them are of widespread occurrence and universally enjoy popularity that is quite deserved. These are primarily various psychotechnics, hypnosis-based forms of influence, sensory-field corrections, reflexotherapy and many others. In a certain aspect they all come in touch with the method of Resonance BioCorrection (RBC), assuming some way possible influence on the biological organism’s intrastructural processes, however, showing at the same time just separate aspects of the system-wide correcting process as such, that is considered as a unified integrated system in the very context of the meditative and virtual programming (MVP). Methods that are not based on a comprehensively universal approach, allowing to consider the human structural organization as a multi-level spatial-temporal complex of electromagnetic nature with the common system-wide centerDescription of sense-bearing orientation and multiple habitat-evolved counter-exchange interconnections, have to solve problems of various pathologies differentiation at the account of just one or several peripheral channels of interaction.


MVP is direct creation of the U-turn of personally-genetic matricity from an objective program-oriented system-wide center.

In RBC-correction based on the meditative and virtual programming, a systematized space that is impersonal and assumes presence of any sense-bearing modifications objectively required in a specific situation, is a member between an object and an operator. To put it differently, there is a chance to activate those program formulations that from the position of an individual and personal development of the object are inaccessible for modeling. At the same time, without timely adequate awareness of the ongoing process, sooner or later a corrective module starts being “overgrown” with subjective and personal non-constructive categories and is finally locked.

Universal corrective technology, and RBC is this very form of exchange interaction, means, first of all, the method of creative realization, the U-turn mechanism of which is the operator’s individual consciousness.

In turn, awareness is related to clear concretism of the total ensemble of nuances that are not considered any more as the components of a model, but are fixed as an integral high-coherent sense-bearing link. Hence, comprehended use of RBC-technology ensures automatic fill-in of the activated matrix form with program-subordinate components and matrices thereof.

A perceived formulation always exists as a precisely matched matrix link; even though it is not purposefully accentuated at immediate installation, manifestation thereof is 100% predetermined at an appropriate access level as “a closed” strictly composed file, where possible fixing is determined by a depth of understanding a sense-bearing context, which absence results in the fact that the Control Field graphical construction as a technological practice is nothing more than graphics. It is the awareness, which determines the fact that a programmed action becomes really efficient, and a thought, as the sense-bearing base of a process,-material.

Any information potential as a part of the environment of already electromagnetic nature, has its own architectural design. Saturation of its structural form with information to a certain level of concentration shows the process of promoting a projected matrix to the rank of a strictly specific, highly-coherent sense-bearing category, ensuring an appropriate stable fixing, which is always the apogee of counter interaction, following which the load saturated with information should smoothly go down, clearly accentuating the main positions of the integrated program form’s peak only. To say it differently, fractal U-turn of the program-subordinate function from center to periphery is accompanied with specification of those zones and levels only that are intrinsic of this environment opposite to fixing at the apogee, assuming the precisely maximum high concentration of the provoked sense-bearing orientation of the potential being implanted. As a rule, superficial levels of consciousness of a corrected object do not trace this phase, however, its influence shows itself as a stipulated U-turn of the qualitatively created Control Field with conformity to the set repeatability that has 1:3 ratios, where a time period used for entering the program is designated as a single period from the start of correction to the phase of maximum fixing. Further forms of repeatability of active functioning of the implanted base will be formed to the same strict conformity, while spontaneous restoration or becoming aware of its influence will also be subordinate to the earlier specified rhythms of 3, 7, 12, 18, 25, 33 etc. units stipulated with the designated time period.

As known, there is plenty of cases when the so called “healers” that do not have a required quality level of balanced stability of metabolic processes supporting life of the own organism per ce, form an evidently constructive and sufficiently qualitative result, though having no ideas on the principles of construction of even the simplest program files.

What is the mechanism of an action performed under this situation?

In terms of this, ability to set the counter-exchange transfer of a maximum wide range with a random object is an integral functional link, which absence makes any direct influence impossible. Should an operator be able to form deeply associated sensor matching of electromagnetic nature with a recipient due to certain reasons, including his/her own central nervous system state, the primary phase of contact is undoubtedly activated.

Interaction between two open physical systems saturated with information always occurs to the principle of the known law of equilibrium in connected vessels, or to say it differently, via the so called counter-exchange dynamics, active potential redistribution from the zones of heightened concentration to the zones of minimums, when any operator’s actions boil down to just this or that method of setting a maximum deep contact with an object’s system-wide form or separate segments thereof. Further purposeful concentration of consciousness leads to gradual extension of contact interaction, in the course of which the counter regulation takes place, when the program-oriented potential of an operator starts packing functional “gaps” of a patient, who, in his/her turn, projects the own system regulation model to the corrector’s structural organization. If the latter’s biological organs and parts have more or less quality condition and at the same time density of the operator’s potential is higher than that of the object, the correction will be realized without any doubts. In this case, on partially absorbing the patient’s program files, the practician becomes able to replace them with those functional algorithms that are more objective for general genotype, thus provoking a trend for improvement of the recipient’s state. However, in the course of this interaction, a corrector, on leaving the transfer, always feels multiple “imprints” of strange processes that, if he/she manages to damp them by activating the own function of self-regulation, vanish without a trace, if not, the negative formulations gradually accumulate and rather fast result in an operator’s suffering the same pathologies as his/her patients have.

Moreover, if by some reason systemless activity of the recipient’s peripheral parts is higher than average, which is typical of any types of schizophrenia, oncological conditions, clinical deaths, total hormone disorders etc., the consequences of forming the deep transfer will 100% show itself as a corresponding negative re-modulation of the whole levels of the so called “healer’s” structural form to the rhythms of the object being corrected, naturally bringing serious and short-term realized extremely negative consequences.

In this context, another rather common situation should be noted, when the own personally-dominating feature of an object is so perverted that standard resonance interaction with the operator’s system becomes impossible. This optional associative matching, i.e. the functionally-active transfer without activation of fractal-matrix passive resonators coherently transforming electromagnetic radiation, is impossible. Both contacting parties may suffer sharp discomfort, trying to form information-exchange interaction even of the superficial level.

99% of the so called “folk”, “magic” etc. “healers”, whose activity is based on these very principles, as a result of practice thereof acquire this or that way many pathologic problems that, as a rule, begin intensively revealing themselves within the next 3-7 years, forcing to put an end to the activity of this kind at best, or making them even clinically sick.

Some persons are able to easily form a deep transfer with a recipient just due to their own hyperactive central nervous system. As a rule, they are very sensitive to any irritants, while their ability to perceive strange programs is extremely high owing to thin and deformed intrastructural barrier membranes that are already unable to provide a required level of successive differentiation of perceived test signals, transmitting them to the central zones of consciousness without corresponding adjustment, that is inadmissible under any circumstances. This case is undoubtedly affected by physiological repeatability also, assuming both periods of sharply increased perceptive sensitivity, and alternative periods of decrease thereof, that again stipulates the critical moments of peak instability, when even rather insignificant impulses cause multiple responses of the deep intrastructural parts.

In this context, existence of the accurately systematized form of primary testing is of paramount importance, in many respects determining the appropriate abilities of the exchange self-regulation function, creating an individual adjustment mechanism that damps all non-constructive, as seen by specific schematization, strange program models.

Hence, high-quality mutual transfer of a maximum wide range is the most important condition of resonance therapy; no constructive results are possible without it. However, the main thing lies in an operator’ ability to form purposeful correcting generation, being a completely special form of counter interaction, providing for a unilaterally directed corrective process in terms of unconditional leading influence, rather then a random flow of the information-saturated potential between the objects that is often impossible to interpret adequately. At the same time, if an operator keeps to the mere position of growing his/her own activity, a subscriber fails to create contact transmission with him/her, as an evolving high-amplitude impulse does not allow a less active form to match it by adjustment as long as the counter interaction is formed; since that moment an object under the transfer obtains a chance to sink into the correcting Control Field fractally evolved by the operator.

So, this option uses the process described as generation, the heart of which is in the fact that prior to forming the correcting transfer, an operator activates the Universally-transforming control field, resulting in creation of a corresponding resonator. This higly-coherent structure, formed by consciousness of the operator, is continuously generated in the course of interaction, little by little evening its recipient’s intrastructural construction. As a result, functional rhythms of an object synchronize by adjustment through the evolved Universal pattern of arrangement of the information-saturated categories of a current genotype.

Any attempts to evolve the multi-level information-exchange network without creating the high-quality systematized resonance are absurd. The operator will suffer multiple loads due to many reasons, in particular, owing to asynchronous entering the transfer by many diversified segments of an object and various formulations thereof, what requires strict fixing and orientation within the framework of multi-spatial characteristics of a hypercluster organism, and absolute knowledge of the principal pattern of arrangement of all structural units of a bioform.

The  directionally evolved counter-exchange interactions are realized through the form’s center only. Any link, being in contact with another one, while ignoring this principle of the system hierarchy of the form, starts suffering loads from reactions ongoing in the periphery. It is connected to the process as a compensator that is forced to test processes, having no direct relation to it. In the course of RBC therapy, associative and maximum deep “sinking” is required that assumes interaction through the central phase center only. Nevertheless, structure-wide resonance between the superficial parts of an object and an operator, does exist, and it is impossible to completely damp it during integral correcting interaction.

Hence, the practice of resonance therapy based on redistribution of the information-structural potential, even with an available program link of the operator, but unavailable ability to knowledgeably generate it as a strict program-subordinate pattern, will result in unavoidable deformation of an introduced constructive modulation, while an implanted module will not be completely evolved and developed as the own individually adjusted model of a recipient.

Persons under high-quality correcting influence can provide rather an efficient therapy for quite a long time, using just a simple associative transfer. However, the mechanism of the implanted program activation is “erased” step by step, while independent generation thereof as a spatially-evolved coherent transforming complex, as a rule, is a very complicated process for an unprepared mind. As a result, all further attempts of correcting influence are done at the account of reactions of general counter-exchange replacement of the information potential only, when after each therapeutic contact, the operator needs skilled help by his/her own. This is the simplest method of exchange interaction, which is genetically predetermined for each man, who has to just learn to purposefully set an elementary transfer. The deeper is the transfer, the stronger and brighter is the influence, however, this process constructivity is rather doubtful both for the recipient and the operator.

A person able to willfully form resonance interaction with the intrastructural information-exchange network has to confirm his/her being in the deep transfer with any comparable object by means of a corresponding spatially evolved structural construction. Should a practician be unable to fix the Universal Control Field construction, generating the corresponding sense-bearing categories, and at best can just superficially activate the program categories implanted into him/her earlier, all the attempts to efficiently activate this program-subordinate algorithm will result in subsequent deformation of his/her intrasystem organization.

The base of correcting resonance should be formed so that it could have clear concretization of a certain number of strictly interconnected levels, ensuring the own random cloning, when each active point of the used pattern start modifying into an analogous construction. This results in the fact that the biological centers of an object react in the beginning of coherently transforming influence, and adjusted system-wide resonance is generated afterwards and provokes evenning of all derived categories of a genotype as a consequence of prevailing structured synchronization that, in its turn, causes restoration of the lost segments of an individual pattern or damping of processes that are not justified from the perspective of matching of this level of the primary base projection U-turn.

As a matter of fact, correction does not require characteristics of a patient’s pathology, though it could be tested by applying a corresponding program matrix and tracing originating changes of interconnections, showing, first of all, such states of the organism’s parts as excessive activation, “loading level”, locks etc. One needs just to enter a strict formulation of the Control Field into an object, accurately fixing it so that the main interacting centers match, and then to initiate fractal resonance with complete synchronization of all available categories, which is automatic. I.e. it is sufficient for the operator to project a correcting module and control its further system-wide fractal U-turn. As a result, correction of an object is not of linear-successive character from these parts of a structural form to those, but is fixed as a 3D program-subordinate module, determining corresponding resonance with integration of all sub-forms to a single form.

Hence, the algorithm of counter interaction is not purposefully selected; it is automatically tuned in the process of the “operator-patient” double-side contact adjustment by means of the Universal Control Field. In this case, the object’s information-exchange system response to an introduced program is of individual nature and defines the form and depth of specific interaction. The Universal coherently transforming impulse itself does not require the purposeful selection of an introduction algorithm, its characteristics have been initially adjusted and have an access to the object’s individual genetic base, initiating comprehensive resonance and smooth synchronized U-turn to the periphery. The operator’s modeling a required quality density of structural interconnections of an integrated module and its perfect focusing relative to the main biological centers of a patient, ensure almost instantaneous positive result. The Universal Control Field is saturated with information so that the effect of total regeneration is clear in any object. In principle, there should be a single live cell, based on which reproduction of the entire form of an organism is possible, to restore the cytostructure. This process is not a miracle or mysticism, this is a strict process of cell cloning subordinate to the basic law of genetic base’s fractal U-turn. At this, one should take into account that the more saturated is the program-transferring module, the higher is the requirements to the mind it is formed by. Correction of a bioform is an elementary, taking a minimum time process for a carrier of the Universal Control Field, as this program complex has already assembled and is an integral part of the structure of his individual consciousness.

Nevertheless, action of the Universal Order is unrealizable for an individual until he/she models a 100% modification of the own organism according to the principles of the genetic hyper-prototype’s primary base by preliminary correction of the own structural organization. Any creativeness is manifested in the environment within the framework of an operator’s level of development only. Instantaneous correction is competence of individual consciousness, which intrastructural processes have already had an expressed characteristics, initiating high-coherent restructurization of the whole dependent biological periphery.

Ability of a coherently-transforming signal of purposeful generation is a final result of the meditative and virtual programming stipulated with synchronous evenning and comprehensive control over each and all own functional rhythms of a practician. Should it be the opposite way, directed resonance generation is impossible, as random splashes of internal systemless activity that are not subordinate to the strict pattern of conscious regulation will “kill” a program-subordinate impulse formed by one’s mind. Through further deepening of the transfer with an object is still of access, true correcting fractal resonance is not attainable. Moreover, the first 10-15 minutes of correcting influence have a maximum efficiency: it takes 3-5 minutes to reach associative concentration, ensuring an appropriate depth of “sinking” in the common transfer; it takes the next 5-7 minutes for an operator to specify an implanted module, which is accompanied with short-term flashes of resonance due to the structural components of a recipient, allowing to damp a series of non-functional processes; then, chances for efficient correcting influence are gradually reduced to a minimum. Sometimes, the process of counter resonance deceleration is taken by mistake by an operator as fixing of a spatially evolved pattern, being modeled. However, accumulated fatigue of his/her mind does not allow to “hold” the process at a required quality level.

Thus, both during individual meditative and virtual programming and in the active phase of other objects correction, it is recommended to work for no more than 15-20 minutes, which is in fact ensures a maximum effect that is naturally comparable with real abilities of the practician. At the same time, prolonged delivery of loads saturated with information does not provide a positive result and brings the process to elementary “flowing” of information models from one object to another that can not be deemed constructive.

If the energy-information potential implanted into an object, either through a simplest “darkened” therapy, purposeful matrix generation, or combination thereof, has a total neutrality less than 90%, i.e. a correcting impulse is created out of correspondence with the Universal Pattern of information-saturated categories distribution, it is necessary to have breaks no less than three times longer than the sessions themselves to gain adequate results. For example, a 30-minute phase of active correction requires a break of no less than 90 minutes. An attempt to increase the structural potential of an object by way of multiple daily therapy, being out of support of the Universal Control Field, results in resetting the restructurization program due to asynchronous random U-turn of the introduced algorithm, that is incapable of adjusting to the individual features of a patient’s organism and provokes just a peak of activity in different parts of his/her structural form.

Corrective influence on a recipient to “one-to-one” pattern (15 minutes of correction + 15 minute break) is possible only when a restructurization impulse of the operator has an extremely high level of neutrality and introduced according to the Universal program settings of absolute matching. Then, the processes, coherently transforming the object’s structure, are ordered, and non-phased activity shows itself in insignificant changes of emotional state. Next, after 6 days of correcting influence ( 6, 9 and even 12 corrective sessions each day), a “free” period is required for the next week, when a large-scale U-turn of the implanted program transforming module takes place. This “mode” allows to form a sufficient information potential within a short enough period. In addition, intensive influence brings better results, as an additional factor of internal sub-resonance appears that is supported by the rhythm of correction itself, which at the same time does not allow the object to make non-constructive actions according to the known pattern of subjectified response.

So, RBC-therapy’s intensive schedule, assuming 12 points of introduction of the Universal Program-Subordinate Module a day, gives an access to the individual genetic base of a recipient already on the third day. Thus, six days of the cycle are 72 sessions of system-ordered interaction with the information-saturated categories of high level of quality, what forms the energy-information potential, total assembly of which is possible on condition of high neutrality of the implanted program only that in its turn ensures unconditional adjustment of the introduced module and automatically removes necessity to differentiate functionally different stages of correction.

Clear specification of the spatially evolved pattern that is associatively fixed to all active centers of an organism should be perfect, a depth of transfer shift should be maximum; in this case only it is possible to project the program-subordinate coherently transforming module into an object, capable of causing fractal resonance of the appropriate shells of its genetic base without any sharp provocations of any kind of immune reactions, peaks of activity, etc. As a result, objective U-turn of fractal cloning of the cytostructure in all accessible parts of a bioform is predetermined. However, it again may have corresponding specific features should the object start intensively modeling non-constructive tendencies during this period. Therefore, the next form of realization of any implanted program undoubtedly depends on subjectivism of an individual that is able to both completely use and develop the received algorithm and distort, lock, and subsequently cancel it as an algorithm that has failed to find adequate application of the program category.

Nevertheless, if the total cycle of Resonance BioCorrection assumes three active periods (the first period includes 6 days of correction, 1 neutral day, and 7 days of adjustment; the second and the third periods are similar), each subsequent stage will evolve based on the achievements that have been fixed earlier. As a consequence, the prospects of obtaining a high-quality final result that has already become adequate possession of the individual consciousness of a corrected object, will be considerably better.