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Numerous positive results of the corrective therapy of resonance interaction between structural categories of active biological forms constitute a broad spectrum of possibilities to study this phenomenon. Apart from various clinical tests of patients' resulting state after the end of a bio-correction course, studies were performed using accessible surface measurements that show the dynamics of functional characteristics of the human organism immediately in the moment of contact. In particular, there were effects of parameter changes in the monitored subjects' heart function, which clearly demonstrates the «operator-patient» space-resonance complex. However, it should be taken into account that the received data reflect peripheral reactions of only a limited segment of the organism's general structural form, and integration of the unified diagram of the mechanism of functional dependence will require a significant percentage of extrapolation. In this aspect, of interest may be a study of the EEG of the operator and the patient in the conditions of purposeful program influence by the method of Resonance Bio-Correction (RBC).

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