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In the beginning of August 2015 I fell ill, at first I thought it was a cold, even though beside the regular symptoms I had pains in the side and a severe cough, I could only sleep on my back.

Over the first week I self-medicated like with a common cold, but my condition did not improve. Eventually, when I called a doctor, I was diagnosed with bronchitis and recommended antibiotics and pain killers because usual pain killers did not help me. At first things seemed to take a turn for the better, fever broke, although my temperature rose every evening, the cough became less intensive, the pain dulled but did not go away. I lost virtually all appetite, and later my organism refused to take any food. Consequently, I almost lost all strength, I could not walk farther than 30–40 meters at a time, after that I needed a rest. Eventually, a month after the illness began I had no strength, I weighed 65 kg with a height of 194 cm.

That was my condition as I began a series of corrections in September 2015, which took three days, three corrections a day, a total of 9 corrections were administered. After the corrections my general state improved and I appeared to be on the way to recovery. However, a week after the corrections I suddenly felt much worse. For three or four days my condition was stable serious, I barely got up, ate nothing, only drank tea and water.

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Fig. 2
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Fig. 4

The turning point came about two and a half weeks after the beginning of corrections, I developed a slight appetite, began eating soup stocks. Albeit slowly, I began to regain strength. But general condition was still serious, temperature rose every night, and the cough wouldn't go away.

One way or another, my condition improved so that I was physically fit enough to undergo a full medical examination. The results were depressing, the very first x-ray film (Fig. 1) showed a tumor in the lung the size of a grapefruit, a subsequent CT scan revealed that tumor in all its glory (Fig. 2). Additionally, a parasitological test of the cystic formation for echinococcus was done. The result was negative. Doctors unanimously clamored for urgent surgical intervention. I refused because, despite what the test showed, my own sensations told me that my conditions improved every day.

After medical tests in the second half of October, the second series of corrections was administered, there were eight of them. But the fundamental difference from the first series was that they were administered remotely by Skype, one correction a day. It should be remarked that according to my sensations, these corrections produced a stronger effect than the ones taken in person.

As a result, my condition improved so that the fever went away, the cough was gradually subsiding, I began to eat normally. In December I underwent three more corrections to reinforce the effect although my well-being caused no problems.

In February 2016 a check-up x-ray film was taken (Fig. 3). The result was astounding, there was not a trace of the tumor, only connective tissue on the wall of the lung, on the film it is shown as barely discernible dimming.

And exactly one year after the first x-rays the check-up x-ray film showed absolutely healthy lungs with no trace of the past illness whatsoever (Fig. 4).

Sergey P.